Left disappointed and bored, after somehow being really excited to see this.

Insurgent was a movie I really should not have wanted to see, I haven’t read the books and didn’t particularly enjoy the first but come opening night with 3D glasses pressed over my regular glasses, I bounded into the cinema and took my seat early. Something about the trailer captured me, it looked so exciting. I guess deep down I wanted it make up for the last Hunger Games movie, to be an young adult adaptation done right.

It wasn’t long before my hopes felt dashed. Some of the action scenes were genuinely exciting but book-ended by long boring scenes.  I struggled to like the main character Tris.  She wasn’t kind or good, in one scene she literally throws a girl under a train in a fight that seemed to start over nothing.

The writing did little to make the world believable either. Like, if you lived in a place called Candor, after questioning someone in court, would really say “Thank you for your Candor”. Would a room full of Candor citizens really robotically respond to that with a chorus of “We thank you for your candor. It wasn’t even ironic despite the fact the person fought as hard as possible to stop a truth serum making her be so candid.

In fact that whole scene was strange, one person is questioned vaguely and released the other is pushed on really specific details that lend no relevance to her guilt on the charge she is accused with.

It was sad because some of the ideas for the world the movie takes place are really interesting but two movie in and I have no interest in revisiting it. Especially with the final book in the series is getting split into two movies, just like Hunger Games.


2 out 5


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