Advanced Debugging Techniques with Chrome

Chrome DevTools is a lot more powerful than I first gave it credit for. I use it all the time during development but I was only scratching the surface of what is possible. In this talk, Paul Irish a developer advocate for Google will cover some advanced JavaScript debugging techniques. ... Continue Reading

Maiko Fujita – Let It Go (A Cappella Cover)

Japanese signer Maiko Fujita says singing a cappella style as one person has been a hobby of her's since she was a child. After getting addicted to Let It Go while on tour she decided to cover it in her favorite style. The result is an amazing translated cover built up of 20 vocal layers. Continue Reading

Making Robots

Robotics is becoming one of most fascinating and exciting areas of technology.  This talk from the 2015 Fab11 conference features leaders in robotics talking for around 5 minute each on their most recent work.  From robots running through a forest to a complete reworking of how a warehouse works, the video features the following speakers: Russ Tedrake - Director, Center for Robotics, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab Sangbae Kim - MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab Mick ... Continue Reading