About Me


32 year old, Techstars alumni and start up founder at heart. With Graphic.ly and Audacious in my past I am working hard bootstraping my third.

I am currently loving my time at Animmersion as Lead Interactive Technologies Developer where I have massively grown development wise, over the past year working with iOS and web technologies (mainly Ruby, Javascript, Angular.js, and SCSS).

I am a comic book reading football fan, whose personal life has fairly recently changed massively, becoming Christian around 2009 and then getting married in 2013 to the very creative and inspiring filmmaker Jay Moussa-Mann. My parents gave me a great start in life, without whose encouragement and support I would never achieved the things I have so far.


Than and I during techstars by Andrew Hyde

Than and I during techstars by Andrew Hyde

The past ten years or so previous have been an incredible journey of ups and downs. Having quit my first job out of university only six months in to build the iTunes of comic books, which eventually would become my first start up Graphic.ly. I was lucky enough during that time to experience some really exciting moments and milestones.

  • I was named as one of Bloomberg Business Week 2010’s Top Young Entrepreneurs in Technology. 
    Link:  http://bit.ly/busweek_km

  • I was the Microsoft Code 7 Contest European Winner at PDC 2009 in LA, CA

  • We raised $1.2m as Founder of Graphic.ly, which when on to raise around $6m in total

  • Won Microsoft BizSpark Best Business Award at Windows 7 BootCamp Reston, VA 2009

  • Attended 2009 Techstars Mentoring Program in Boulder, CO

  • Awarded One North East 2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year



After Boulder, I moved back to the UK and started Audacious, a web and iPhone application focused around a shared journey of discovery. The idea was to bring community and content together into one place and with the Bible at the core, which raised £750k (~$1m). My role in Audacious went beyond CEO roles to include many other duties, involving planning, project management, design and direction of product along with some hands on coding. Audacious grew to a team of eleven people, from developers to content writers.

Sadly Audacious didn’t go smoothly, the product never found it’s audience or reached it’s potential over the course of 3 years. However in failure I learnt a ton. The final year was spent on the road business planning and pitching and left me with a hunger to build things. My role at Animmersion has without a doubt made me a better developer, and help me confirm expectations for build times, focus on quality control and user needs.

Hobbies and Interests

Demo Day 2009 - via Andrew Hyde

It took a lot of training and mentoring in public speaking but I now love talking in front of people. From small groups to very large crowds, at church or tech conferences, it is a joy. This all started after messing up a presentation during interviews for a Microsoft internship while at University. Since I worked as hard as I could to improve, so it meant a lot to me years later when asked to present on behalf of Microsoft alongside senior executives at their 2009 VC Summit. It complete a journey and give me confidence in a lot of areas of my life. 

I have real passion for cooking and video production, enjoying motion graphic designing, After Effects work and camera-man duties for my wife’s programs, something I want to do more of.  I tend to get addicted to playing Football Manager every couple of years and I am very slowly learning Turkish. 

I have been featured in a number of magazines and publications from Bloomberg Business Week and INC magazine in the US to .NET and the Telegraph in the UK. A wrote a chapter of the book Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup