The Blinking 12:00 Problem

Anyone old enough to remember the VCR, will have experienced a blinking 12:00.

It was the same  in nearly every house you visited, but oh the respect you had for those whose clock had the right time set. It was even more frustrating for my 10 year old self, given Dad's obsession with unplugging everything before bed. All that hard work following the complex sequence of buttons outlined in the manual lost every night. ... Continue Reading

Podcasts in 2015

It is hard to believe it has been over 10 years since I first started listening to podcasts.

Podcasts had a huge impact in my life.  A show call geekdrome got me interested in comics for the first time since I was a small boy getting Judge Dredd from my local newsagent and then iFanboy got me completely hooked on them. ... Continue Reading

The Overjustification Effect

All user experiences we create should be reward enough for the user.

I have read a lot of research about the effects of gamification over the past 6-7 years. I really believe in the principle of it and it was baked into some the earliest designs I had for Graphicly. Employed correctly it can motivate and engage users. ... Continue Reading

A Brony Tale

A fun inside view of the world of My Little Pony fans, which while entertaining didn't go deep enough.

I have never watched My Little Pony, but remembered seeing screenshots, memes and clips of it everywhere on the internet a couple of years ago. I even used an image from it in a tech talk I did at the time. The bright colors and clean animation looked great. ... Continue Reading

Sherlock Holmes waited

The topic of my english lesson this week was sentence structure.

I now know, that the first sentence in this blog post is a periodic sentence. It is periodic because I left the most important information at the end of the sentence.  I could have written: "Sentence structure was the topic of my english lesson this week."  This would have been a loose sentence. ... Continue Reading

(virtually) Back to School.

English language has never been a strong point for me. It was something I found difficult at school despite loving to write.

Grammar, editing and proofreading are beyond doubt my weakest areas. When I left school, still believing I was going to be a professional football but studying computer science, as something to do while I waited for my call up, I thought my worries were over with English. Oh how I was wrong.... Continue Reading


Left disappointed and bored, after somehow being really excited to see this.

Insurgent was a movie I really should not have wanted to see, I haven't read the books and didn't particularly enjoy the first but come opening night with 3D glasses pressed over my regular glasses, I bounded into the cinema and took my seat early. Something about the trailer captured me, it looked so exciting. I guess deep down I wanted it make up for the last Hunger Games movie, to be an young adult adaptation done right. ... Continue Reading